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  Supporting Local Agriculture  

VMO and AFCD have been jointly running the Accredited Farm Scheme since 1994.  The scheme accredited vegetables farms in Hong Kong or Guangdong Province operated by Hong Kong citizens for adoption of good horticultural practices and proper use of pesticides.  Following the northward relocation of the Mainland vegetable farms operated by Hong Kong citizens, the scheme has also been extended to the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region during the year.

Accredited vegetables are sampled and tested to ensure that there is no excess pesticide residue before distribution for sale at retailer outlets designated by VMO.  Consumers can identify these outlets by the VMO 'accredited retailers¡ logo carried by the retailers.

As at 31 March 2018, 316 farms (including 33 farms in Guangdong Province & Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region) covering a total area of 2,997 ha had been accredited. Local accredited farms are located at the main production areas including Ta Ku Ling, Tsiu Keng, Ng Ka Tsuen, Sheung Shui, Castle Peak, Shek Kong, Kwu Tung, Ping Shan, Fung Kat, Tuen Mun, Koon Lam, Ha Tsuen, Lam Tei, Kam Tin, San Tin, Ping Che, Fanling, Hung Shui Kiu, Pat Heung and Sung Ching. The average daily supply of accredited produce was 40 tonnes.

The VMO has created a Good Farmer character to promote accredited vegetables. This ambassador of accredited vegetables would visit various markets in public promotion activities. At present, there are 334 accredited retail outlets located in different districts to facilitate consumers shopping for accredited vegetables.

Accredited Farm Scheme
Accredited Farm Scheme
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