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Fresh Organic Vegetable

Organic agriculture focuses on the protection of ecological environment, maintenance of sustainable resources, conservation of energy, soil and water source. Also, organic farming is utilizing natural resources to cultivate crops without using any synthetic chemical fertilizers and insecticide. With the technical support from AFCD, farms in Ng Ka Tseun, Tai Kong Po, Ping Che and Ho Sheung Heung have joined in the "Organic Farming Conversion Scheme". Participated farmers are comply with the "Protocol for Organic Crop Production". The requirements of this Protocol must be implemented for at least a twelve-month conversion period before the planting of a new crop and products harvested afterwards may bear indications referring to organic production methods. During the conversion period farm, farm produce may be sold as "produce of organic farming in process of conversion". Interested parties may purchase this fresh "organic vegetable" and "organic vegetable in conversion" through premium vegetable section of our Organization.

VMO can supply up to 59 various types of "organic vegetable" and "organic vegetable in conversion" such as spinach, italian lettuce, chinese lettuce, indian lettuce, sweet corn, green cucumber, pumpkin, okra, chrysanthemum, mustard leaf, water cress, european lettuce(red), cherry tomato, romaine lettuce, chinese celery, flowering cabbage, chinese kale, white cabbage, shanghai cabbage, etc.

If any restaurant, food affair, supermarket and organization wants to purchase our organic vegetables at a reasonable price, please contacts our premium vegetable section at 2361 1307.

Sales Outlets

Contact person: Mr. Kenneth Law
Tel : 2361 1307
Fax : 2725 1860
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Fresh Organic Vegetable
Fresh Organic Vegetable
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