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  Supporting Local Agriculture  

Since AFCD introduced the Organic Farming Conversion Scheme (OFCS) in December 2000 and up to Organic Farming Support Service (OFSS) in March 2019, the number of participated organic farms had expanded from 15 to 309. The location of these organic farms which were mostly concentrated in two vegetable growing zones in the New Territories, Ng Ka Tsuen and Tai Kong Po, had also expanded to the Ping Che, Tai Po and Fung Kat areas. Farmers who participated in the Scheme had to follow closely the requirements of the AFCD Protocol for Organic Crop Production, and their organic produce had to be marketed via VMO.

With the further development of organic farming, the HKORC (co-founded by the Hong Kong Baptist University, the Hong Kong Organic Farming Association and the Produce Green Foundation) was established in December 2002 to provide an independent organic certification service for farmers and food processors. In late 2004, the HKORC had officially launched its organic certification service.

While the organic certification service can be provided by a non-government organization, the Department focuses its technical support work for organic farmers. On the other hand, the Department also encourages and assists organic farmers operating under the 'Organic farming conversion scheme' to apply for the HKORC's organic certification service. As such the 'Organic Farming Conversion Scheme' has officially ended and replaced by the 'Organic Farming Support Service'.

Field Inspection of organic vegetable technical support
Field inspection Technical support
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